Monday, 22 June 2015 11:15

Team Vixen Review 2

Ground care Vixen is spot on

Steve Norburn operates in the Cleethorpes area as Sunnyside Grounds Maintenance. His clients include local power stations and the largest static caravan park in Europe.

Before 2010 he employed an 80hp tractor with a 600 litre mounted sprayer, supplemented by a 20 litre knapsack sprayer. This was not without its problems.

"The power stations preferred me to treat their open areas at weekends seeing the tractor and sprayer as a health and safety issue. Factor in suitable weather and this became a problem. Also I was using the tractor only 3 times a year per site.

"The knapsack was tiring. Not only did I need to refill frequently, the act of carrying that weight on my shoulders meant that a full day's work was not viable."

Steve felt there must be a better, more convenient system which suited his needs. He searched the web and found' Vixen', Team Sprayers' 120 litre self-propelled sprayer. He quickly recognised that it met his needs being a quiet, efficient and highly manoeuvrable sprayer for grounds maintenance.

He sold his tractor and mounted sprayer and bought the Vixen "for a lot less". Steve now arrives on site in his Hi Ace van, rolls the Vixen out on ramps and he's ready for action.

The Vixen is fitted with a 24v battery powered axle with variable forward and reverse drive and low ground pressure tyres. It combines a hand lance for spot spraying, together with 3m fold out booms.

"For what I need it's perfect. Plus the customers like to see that you are forward thinking in terms of safety and the economic use of chemicals. I've balanced the smallest of nozzles with a relatively strong mix, resulting in the chemicals going a lot further without compromising effective application."

Spot spraying at the caravan park is a lot easier with the hand lance in one hand and the other on the hand controls. "Now I'm simply walking all day. The knap sack was hard work. And of course the Vixen's spray capacity is more than 6 knapsacks! You can get a lot of work done when you have 3 hours work to a tank. The caravan park used to take up to six days. I now do it in three!"

Battery levels are displayed on the hand control and recharging is quick and simple with the recharger supplied. Steve is 6'4" tall and particularly appreciates the Vixen's adjustable handle height.

At the power stations he uses the 3m folding boom. This is equipped with 6 triple nozzle assemblies and 'break back' sprung protection against contact with stakes or trees. It can be used with full 3m application or 1.5m with one boom folded and nozzles switched off.

The 14 LPM diaphragm pump offers reliable and fully adjustable application rates The 120 litre polythene tank has wide, filter protected filling facility. Optional extras include foam bout marker, hand lance and hose kit and 'Driftmaster' covered boom.

"I have found Team Sprayers a superb company to work with and I know that should problems arise they're available with advice and parts to solve them."

Steve has kept his knapsack but uses it only at sites where the work is limited or access restricted.