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Team Demount Pro Review

Team Demount Pro Customer Review

Team Sprayers User Story: West Herts Golf Club

West Herts is one of the longest established private members’ clubs in the UK, operating under a joint user agreement with Watford Borough Council.

It is a beautiful 18 hole country course with tree lined fairways and well-bunkered greens. It has always been a ‘golfers course’. The venue comprises an 18 holes course, practise chipping and range.

An ongoing programme of greens maintenance and manicuring under Course Manager Andy Smith and his team, ensures the best possible playing conditions throughout the year. The course offers “a challenge to all standards of golfer, rewarding of good shots, it is considerate to the moderate and punitive to the bad”.

They operate a fleet of Toro mowers and a Toro mounted sprayer.

A major factor in year round maintenance is the ability to treat problems as they arise. For example a grass infestation in the winter cannot wait for perfect weather before being addressed. For the reason, West Herts adopted a policy of drift controlled spraying so they can determine when treatment is applied and not the weather.

The greens are treated weekly and the fairways every other month or when needed.

In 2015 they upgraded their demount sprayer with a new Team 600 litre De-Mount Pro with ‘Drift Master’ removable covers on the 6m boom from Farols, Oxford.

“We previously operated a 400 Gambetti system with 4.5m boom” explained assistant course manger Phil Slater. “With a 50% increase in tank and boom size, we have eliminated extra early starts and someone having to stay late in order to complete the work. Not only can we schedule the work and control costs better, but also minimise disruption for the golfers. We operate on a full tank on the fairways but half a tank on the greens to avoid compaction.

“And with the covered boom we can even spray when the wind is gusting up to 40mph across the fairways.”

The drift shields give good access to the triple nozzles and are mounted on simple clip fixings and can be removed in minutes but West Herts leave them on so as to be prepared for changes in the weather. They opted for the optional boom end wheel kit and a bout/foam marker system. The latter gives a simple guide to where the sprayer has already passed without the cost of dye additives.

The new model features a low-line tank shape giving the operator total vision across the back of the machine and improving the weight distribution and by using the Toro’s hydraulic system the sprayer can be lifted to gain access the engine and other vital parts. With other de-mount designs this means unbolting the whole assembly which can be a big job.

Phil Slater joined the club as a 12 year old junior. At 16 he was offered work experience on the maintenance team and “got the bug”. A vacancy enabled him to join the staff straight from school since when he has progressed to his current position.

The Demount Pro utility truck mounted sprayer is available for the JD Progator, Toro Workman and Cushman Truckster with tank sizes of 400, 600 and 800L and either manual folding, electric folding or covered boom systems all with break back pivot points to protect the booms from accidental damage from unseen obstacles.

The sprayer incorporates all the current requirements including a diaphragm pump (73LPM) producing up to 6 bar pressure, full in-cab boom and pressure switching, 20L chemical induction hopper which ensures safe transfer of liquids and powders via a high flow suction system to the main tank, chemical can rinsing, 70L clean water tank flushing system (rotating nozzle in main tank), hand wash facilities and a PPE locker for protective gear.

The De-mount Pro is offered with Muller auto spray rate controller, GPS mapping and boom section switching, hydraulic driven pump kit, triple nozzle assemblies and a retractable reel and lance kit.

The demonstration photos where taken without the use of chemical.