Monday, 22 June 2015 11:18

Team Leader 2 Review

They did do well

"Always buy the next size up to what you need" could be a motto for Goose & Didwell of Marshland St James near Wisbech. Philip Didwell explains that his father always held this principal and he can see no reason to let it go.

"The little extra you pay is invariably offset by the added potential to handle more work". So it was when they replaced their 2000 litre trailed sprayer with 20m boom with a new 3500 litre Team Leader with 28m boom.

Although Team Sprayers build their sprayers just 20 miles away at Ely, "It’s not a name you hear much of" says Philip. In fact it was their sprayer testing specialist who suggested that they should talk to Danny Hubbard about their needs.

Besides the increased tank and boom, Philip and his son David who has largely taken over the running of the family farm, were keen to introduce liquid fertiliser application in place of the broadcast pellets they were using in a move towards minimising any environmental impact by minimising the risk of polluting their watercourses. Consequently the standard diaphragm pump was supplemented by a centrifugal pump for fast filling and application of the liquid fertiliser.

The Didwells are pleased with the build quality of the Team Leader and impressed by the company’s readiness to meet their needs. Although the new Leader Mk2 offers a high level of technology as standard and compliance with best practises, "They built what we wanted and it’s very good".

Goose & Didwell farm 550 acres of flat fen land, typically comprising around 350 acres of wheat, 200 of OSR, 65 of barley and 40 of sugar beet.

The Team Leader Mk2 was supplied through Boston Crop Sprayers of Wisbech.