Team Fine Spray Kit (on-harvester)

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Introducing the

Team Fine Spray Kit

The Team Fine Spray Kit has been designed to ease the flow of delicate tubers over the harvester rollers and table to minimize risk of bruising.

Water misted onto the cleaning rollers prevents tubers from being gripped and pinched. The powerful 12V pump directs the flow of water via an adjustable pressure control unit to the fine misting nozzles mounted on the spray bar above the cleaning rollers.

Reliable, robust and easy to use.

  • Skid chassis design for ease of installation to any potato harvester
  • Powerful 12V diaphragm pump
  • Easily accessible suction filter
  • Powder coated robust steel chassis
  • Spray bar fitted with fine misting nozzles
  • 250Ltr polythene tank
  • 12V 8Lpm diaphragm pump
  • Pump on/off switch box and cable
  • Manual pressure control unit with gauge
  • 5-nozzle spray bar with hose and fixings
  • Optional extras include: 300 or 400Ltr tank, various width spray bars, additional spray bars, 19Lpm diaphragm pump.

Designed for accurate application


Tank Size 250l – 600l
Boom 5 nozzle fixed
Pump 8.3 Lpm 12V diaphragm
Control Manual pressure regulation
Width 0.96m
Weight 35kg

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