Digimon Controller (powder applicator)

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Introducing the

Digimon Controller

The Digimon control box has been developed to increase the accuracy of applying powder formulations to tubers whilst planting, it simplifies the calibration of the on-planter Powder Applicator and maintains the accuracy to within plus or minus 5% of the target rate to be applied. Supplied with planter-mounted junction box containing hopper power feeds and control sensor.

Simpler and more accurate powder application.

  • Overall hopper calibration (+/- 5%) accuracy
  • Adjustable chemical application rates (0.6 – 5Kg/ton)
  • Large digital display readout
  • Will control 2 and 3-row applicators
  • DS and IM powder selection
  • Simple ‘touch-button’ programming
  • Multi hopper prime switch
  • Quick release electrical connection
  • Hopper calibration kit
  • Can be retro fitted to existing Team powder applicators.

Designed for accurate application


AccuracyOverall hopper calibration +/- 5% accuracy
Application ratesAdjustable chemical application rates 0.6 – 5kg/ton

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