Team Powder Applicator (on-planter)

Team Powder Applicator

Developed in conjunction with Bayer Crop Science, the Team Powder Applicator (on-Planter) was designed by a Bayer engineer for the application of powder formulations to tubers before planting.

This simple, yet proven and reliable applicator is ideal for those wishing to maintain the flexibility of treating at the planting stage and require the use of a powder formulation such as Emesto Prime DS (penflufen) or RhiNo DS (flutolanil).

The design features the ‘Digimon’ control box with touch screen technology, which gives the options to select tuber size and weight, planter row setting, powder type e.g. Emesto Prime DS  or RhiNo DS and calibrates all hoppers within +/- 5% of the set output, allows output to be adjusted from 0.6kg/tonne upwards and can be fitted to all makes of cup or belt type planter.


  • Steel fabricated hoppers (min 4Kg each)
  • 12V motors driving steel augers
  • In-cab variable rate calibration and automatic stop/start controls
  • Optional electronic Digimon controller
  • Powder agitation
  • Quick-release bracket system
  • Chemical transfer tube
  • 2-6 Row planter set up

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