Thursday, 19 December 2019 13:51

Team Sprayers Launch 36m Boom on the Leader 4 at LAMMA 2020


Cambridgeshire based sprayer manufacturer Team Sprayers will be launching their new ‘Leader 4-Series 36’ sprayer at LAMMA 2020, which now comes with a 36m boom.

Managing Director Danny Hubbard said, "We increased the size of our factory earlier this year, giving us the space to be able to move to a larger boom size on the Leader 4, which is one of our most popular trailed sprayers. The new 36m model will still incorporate a low-folding boom design which, along with a profiled tank, gives the sprayer a low centre of gravity, therefore maximising machine stability. The Series 36 will still have all the options that were available on our previous models, such as Müller GPS which has been a popular choice with customers."

Farmer John Carroll said: I've run Leader 3 sprayers for a number of years and always been very happy with the performance, it's an excellent sprayer, but I wanted a bigger tank and boom and so I have ordered a Leader 4-Series 36, I’ve been very impressed with what I have seen so far of the Team Leader range".

The Leader 4-Series 36 comes with tank sizes which go up to 5000L, axle steering system, boom stabilisation and computerised boom switching, with GPS and steering options. It also features electro-hydraulics enabling boom folding combinations while self-levelling tilt and anti yaw mechanisms increase boom stability and application accuracy. Variable boom geometry and computerised spray rate control are available as optional extras.